Collection: Daniel O'Toole - Editioned prints

Images made by Daniel O'Toole 2023-2024
Shot on 35mm Negative film 400ISO 
Camera- Pentax SPF 
Scanned on a Flextight scanner

The new artworks crafted by Daniel O'Toole represent a fusion of digital and analogue processes. They seamlessly blend digitally curated colour palettes with traditional 35mm film techniques.  

To create these pieces, O'Toole first captures initial images off a laptop screen from various oblique angles to prevent light reflections. The captured film is then subjected to a unique treatment involving soaking in a mixture of vinegar, salt, lemon, and other household ingredients. This intentional process alters the chemistry of the film before it undergoes development, a technique known as 'Film soup'.  

The final compositions are meticulously constructed by digitally layering multiple results of the film soup treatment. The boundary between analogue and digital realms is purposefully blurred as the artist navigates the interplay between chance and deliberate design choices. The resulting images evoke a sense of alchemy, reminiscent of the light and space movement, in-camera editing, post-production techniques, and modern tools such as Photoshop.